Why do we love everything about trips 

and how we can earn money by traveling

Everyone of us follows celebrities or influential people on social media. You see beautiful pictures from an amazing lifestyle and so many other people liking and commenting on them.

We bet you ask yourself every time what have these people done in order to become popular and influential? Where do they find money for traveling so often to different destinations? And how is it possible to not go to work for so long? 

Well, we asked ourselves these questions as well and we’ve found the solution: travel blogging!

Did you know that a travel blogger is paid by travel agencies and hotels whilst travelling, publishing and sharing pictures about the visited, writing posts and articles? 

Companies are expected to spend more than $1 billion on marketing with Instagram influencers this year. Does it sound fantastic?

Absolutely YES! And if you would like to discover how are they doing this and what secrets they use, this article is really for you!

Definitely, every one of us has tried, at least once, that indescribable feeling when you decide upon a traveling destination, buy the tickets, prepare your travel luggage and count the days till the departure day.

This is because, when traveling, we forget about our problems, we don’t work several days or weeks and are literally living an adventure. Or, maybe, this happens because we simply escape the daily routine and look for the possibility of discovering and bringing something new into our lives.

We’ve come up with several reasons why each and every one should travel more. So, here we go:

1. When you travel, you feel happier than other time, as you are experiencing new things, visit amazing places, gather emotions and new memories, takes pictures and shares them with your friends.

2. The brain perceives things differently when you travel, comparing to the regular days. You have time to “stop and smell the roses” and see beauty in places and in things you had never noticed before.

3. You become more confident, more creative and motivated and each moment is an investment in self-improvement.

4. You leave your comfort zone and are now readier than ever to accept different challenges. That is why all the people that travel can deal with difficult situations better than those that are prisoners of their own walls, at home or in the office.

For someone, traveling is a lifestyle; a way of living and enjoining life in an absolute feeling of freedomhappiness and adrenalin and a perfect opportunity to charge personal batteries. 

Every place a person visits helps him to discover new things about himself. This person enriches his inner world and cultural aspects, thus becoming very popular and influential among his friends and other groups of people.

Actually, most of the nowadays influencers have begun their online careers solely by travelling and sharing their photos on social media networks.

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Of course, there is always one unpleasant detail when it comes to traveling and when you contact a regular travel agency! MONEY! 

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How is that possible?

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If this isn’t the perfect way to traveling and a reason to be happy, then we don’t know what it is… 

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There are many places to discover on this planet but we have only one life. Why not to live it properly? Give yourself this chance, because one day you will be a sweet old person who will have lots of time to regret not taking the right decision at the right time. 

So, let’s start planning your next trip and let’s make you rich and famous!